Bootstrap’s datetimepicker is an incredibly useful tool for web developers, offering a sleek and interactive way to handle date and time inputs. However, developers sometimes face challenges when trying to inspect these input values using browser tools like the Firefox Inspector. This article describes a simple yet effective method to view the real-time value of an input element managed by Bootstrap’s datetimepicker using Firefox’s Developer Tools.

The challenge

When using Bootstrap’s datetimepicker, the value of the input element is dynamically updated through JavaScript. This dynamic update can pose a challenge: the Firefox Inspector doesn’t always reflect these changes in real-time in its HTML view. Developers often find themselves unable to see the updated value attribute of the input field after selecting a date/time.

The solution

The solution involves a combination of using the datetimepicker, the Firefox Inspector, and the browser’s Console. The sequence of steps is important. Here are the steps:

  1. Select the Date/Time: Begin by interacting with your webpage as a user would. Use the datetimepicker to select the desired date and time.

  2. Open Firefox Inspector: After making your selection, open the Firefox Inspector. You can do this by right-clicking on the webpage and choosing ‘Inspect Element’ or simply pressing Ctrl+Shift+I (or Cmd+Option+I on a Mac).

  3. Switch to the Console Tab: In the Firefox Developer Tools, switch to the ‘Console’ tab.

  4. Run a Console Command: In the console, execute the following command:

    Replace #yourInputId with the actual ID of your input element.

  5. View the Result: The Console will display the current value of the input element, reflecting the date/time you selected.

Why this method works

This method is effective because it bypasses the limitations of the static HTML view in the Inspector, directly accessing the real-time state of the DOM (Document Object Model). The console.log() function in the Console provides an immediate and accurate reflection of the input element’s value as manipulated by JavaScript.


This simple method effectively bridges the gap between dynamic JavaScript updates and static HTML inspection, proving invaluable for developers working with Bootstrap’s datetimepicker. It highlights the vital role of browser developer tools in modern web development.

The ability to adapt and utilize various tools and technologies is crucial in the ever-evolving landscape of web technologies. This approach not only enhances your debugging capabilities but also enriches your overall web development skillset, reflecting the adaptability and resourcefulness required in modern web development.

I hope this article has illuminated an efficient method for inspecting dynamic values in web development, particularly with the Bootstrap datetimepicker and Firefox Inspector. If you found this guide helpful, or if you have additional insights, please share your experiences in the comments section :smiley:

Thank you for reading. May this knowledge lead to more seamless and effective debugging in your web development projects. Happy coding, and here’s to successfully navigating the complexities of modern web tools in your development journey!