Some time ago I was faced with such a problem. I have tried to add a new post to my Jekyll website, but I could not see it on the generated pages when I run jekyll serve. So what are the some common reasons for a Jekyll post to not be generated?

  • The post is not placed in the _posts directory.

  • The post has incorrect name of file. Posts should be named YEAR-MONTH-DAY-title.MARKUP. For example

  • The post’s date is in the future and the future: true directive is enabled. Jekyll recognises future posts and will not display them until that time is reached.

  • Time zones. Same probleme as with future date, but you set the current time. Maybe time zone is set to UTC. Try to set the time zone of your region.

  • The post has published: false directive in its front matter. Set it to true.

  • Incorrect characters in the title. Most likely its contains a double colon (:) character. Just replace it with &#58.

  • Can be browser cache as well if you are looking not in the _site folder but directly on the blog’s main page with the list of posts.

By the way, there are a million other reasons why your post might not show up.

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